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About Apple

About Apple



My name is April and I'm also known as Apple, my nickname, to my dearest and closest.


I am a cottage-based wedding cake designer located in the gorgeous coastal town of Kinsale, Cork, offering bespoke wedding cake design service in Cork. 

When did you start making cakes?

Since as far as I can remember, about 25+ years, I have been baking and decorating cakes, our family had a cake business back in our home country which we did weddings and celebrations.   We all used to help out in the kitchen depending on the assignment, I'd sometimes be the batter girl, meringue, decorator or the dishwasher! 


What do you specialise in?


I specialise in fine sugarflower art wedding cakes; cakes that are adorned with edible mixed medium florals & foliage & confectionery textures  as well as buttercream flowers. Sometimes, I throw in dried florals and foliage in my designs especially during winter/autumn season, it just works beautifully mixed with edible ones and a nod to the season too!


Where do you draw design inspiration?

Design inspiration can be drawn to just about anything from the couples wedding color motif, bride's dress, season, stationery.  I work with each couple along the process to give them a wedding cake that is unique to them.  Sometimes they come in with a definite design, unless it's a recreation of my work, I don't copy exactly other's design, I always love to make something unique for each couple with their chosen design as an inspiration of course, however something that speaks to them, making their wedding extra special! 

What types of cakes do you do? 

Beyond the design, my cakes have been reviewed to taste delicious;  gourmet, truly made special; heirloom recipes, select ingredients; knowledge and skill that I have learned from years of experience.  I use a specific type of flour and technique that gives all my cakes a distinct velvety texture and all of our fillings are home-made.  




Ultimate Goal


My ultimate aim is to create an     edible art  ,

a statement piece, a wedding or celebration cake that tastes as good as it looks. 


Making cakes is a very lengthy process; conceptualising, the baking, decorating, sugarflower making, but with all of that, nothing ever makes me satisfied than making my clients feel extra  special on their day and of course a gorgeous feedback to top it all, that's why I do what I do.  I love it!

If flavour and design are your top priorities for your wedding cake, I would love to work with you, so drop me a message to start the process.

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